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    Kurtzman K750

    Product code:K750

    Best price: £ 845

    Cost: £ 910


    K750 is a special piano which is simulate nearly 100% the sound of an acoustic piano with all the latest technologies for digital piano.


    5-layered piano power tone powered by MARS technology


    88 note three sensor graded hammer action keybed


    Built-in high power realistic sound system


    Massive polyphony brings the endless music experience

    Microphone input with tens of vocal effects


    USB Audio Connection


    Interact with iPad APP for sheet music and more*


    Internal MP3 player and recorder



    88-key (hammer-action)

    Polyphony:  256 (max)

     Display:  OLED Dot-Matrix


    Split:  YES

    Duo (Twinova):  YES

    Demo Song:  40 voice

     Voices:  40 panel voices; 128 GM; 8 GM drum kits

    Sequencer:  1 user song


    Music Library:

    90 preset songs; L/R hand learning


    Audio Playback:  MP3

    Audio Recorder:  MP3


    External Drive:  USB (128G max)


    Dimensions:  LWH 1407 x 505 x 1062 mm

    Weight:  52 kgs


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