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    Kurtzman KS3 White

    Product code:KS3

    Best price: £ 533

    Cost: £ Contact


    The Kurtzman KS3 brings you the joy of playing at an affordable price. It features a compact panel with 500 voices, 200 playing styles and an album of 60 preset songs for left and right- hand learning. You can chooseto perform your favorite music with an accompaniment in a wide range of styles, from standard 8-beat rock to vivacious tango. With the visually pleasant backlit LCD and direct access to the panel, the selection of styles and songs during performance is easy. The perform function allows you to embellish your playing with stunning guitar or piano accompaniments in a range of forms, such as arpeggios, broken chords and strums. With the Twinova function you can split the keyboard into two sections and have two of you play a duet together. Two players can also play privately while sitting next to each other thanks to the 2 headphones. You can also easily connect the piano to any PC or laptop with a USB connector in order to access directly a range of MIDI compatible software available. The KS3 is a suitable piano for all music enthusiasts, whether it is for learning, performing or just having fun.


    88-key (hammer-action)

    Polyphony:  128 (max)

     Display:  Backlit LCD

    Split:  YES

    Duo (Twinova):  YES

    Styles:  200 preset; 10 user

    O.T.S. :  YES

    Sequencer:  10 user songs (5 melody + 1 accomp.)

    Demo Song:  5

     Voices:  500

    Style Creator:  PC software

    Music Library:

    60 preset songs; L/R hand learning; 120 albums


    Dimensions:  LWH 1388 x 308 x 788 mm

    Weight:  37 kgs


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